Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Freaky Friday

Hey Dudes,

Hope break is going well.

There is talk of keeping the schools more closely knit and it might be kind of sweet if we could do something like a student exchange? By that I mean having two students change schools for a day or two just to see what the curriculum is like and stuff.

I volunteer CVA to switch with somebody. We could set up a buddy system too. Like somebody would exchange but their friend would show the newbie around. Two days would be nice, but we'd run into lodging problems. So let's just plan on a day?

Are there any volunteers? Two people from the same school, one to go to CVA for a day and one to show the CVA-er around.

Let me know or if you have any other ideas.


1 comment:

Danielle said...

Moorhead is still game if you anyone wants to come up here. We were think at least two people (just for a travel buddy). If there is interest we can figure some dates out.