Saturday, October 27, 2007



Here is a mag I'm completely obsessed with:
They sell it at Robot Love too.

They are having a 2 for 1 deal. If two people subscribe for two years you get half off!
It's real expensive. It would be $130 for both people, so $65 per.
Would anyone be willing to go in on it with me?
My design friends aren't into this style.
2 for 1 deal

Just a little hype to get you intested:
Each section is on different paper, you get a dvd with interviews and interactive stuff.
Amazing. Gorgeous. There's so much stuff you have to read it about 40 times to catch everything.

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Michael said...

$15!? holy crud. awesome though. i need to rummage through the library at my internship and see what kind of stuff they have.