Friday, October 26, 2007

Grand Suck Lodge

is anyone else frustrated with the billing procedures of grand view lodge?

i signed up for the meal plan and they charged me during the week of camp, but only for about half of what i was expecting. the sunday of camp, a woman from GVL called saying they never got my fax, only my cover letter. (then how did they get my credit card number and charge me?!?!) i had a pleasant conversation with the woman on the phone. i assumed everything was taken care of; i just wasn't going to tell her that they undercharged me. (i'm a student, i need all the money i can get.

skip to now, THREE WEEKS LATER, and i checked my bank account and yesterday they charged me for the rest of the bill ($78). WHO DOES THAT?! i'm almost tempted to call and complain.

anyone else fed up?


Audry said...

I didn't stay at the lodge but I heard A LOT of complaints.
I will let a little info slip in that AIGA is looking to other places to host camp next year...

Audry said...

p.s. i like the "evil" tag. :)