Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Student Group interaction

My name is Lisa Musselman. I am the President of the AIGA Student Group at the Art Institutes International MN.

I wanted to run a few ideas by you all. At Ai's last AIGA meeting, it was discussed that we really want to get more involved with other local design schools. We discussed a few ideas of inter-school activities such as critiques or even dodgeball competitions. I'm wondering if any of you would like to pursue these or any other activities to get the local design schools interacting more. We would love to invite your groups to our school sometime during the next quarter (Jan - March). I'm thinking it would be in the evening - not during regular school hours. My group put this as a high priority on our "To Do List" for next quarter. Any thoughts/ideas?

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Hope you all had a great holiday!


jenny. said...

Agreed! I run MCAD's design club and we've also talked about getting more involved with other design schools in the area. Let's keep in touch and figure out what exactly we can do together. I'll for sure bring this up at our first meeting of the semester.

Lisa Musselman said...

Hey Jenny!
Great! We have our first meeting on Wednesday. Until then, why don't you and I continue to brainstorm about possible activities that our groups would enjoy. Its sometimes difficult to bring two groups together without it being somewhat awkward - I am trying to avoid the common icebreaker activities and such. Feel free to email me at!