Sunday, November 4, 2007

weekend poster project

we're more than half done with the semester. they're piling on the homework and it seems like every weekend all i want to do it ram my head into the wall. i couldn't this weekend, unfortunately. case and point: poster project.

nothing says halloween party weekend like a large format poster about German gothic script!

i've been staring at this for too long. i need some fresh eyes. critique?


Anthony Iverson said...

Hey Michael! Ok, I'm probably a little late for this, but if it's for a poster, shouldn't the text be slimmed down? Even 3 paragraphs seems like a lot. The biggest thing I have the whole thing is the colors. It feels kind of empty with all of that white with black, and the lemon yellow doesn't seem to fit with it. If it was more orange-ish it might work better maybe? Or maybe a different color for the text? The next thing you might want to look at is the space and how the paragraphs and shapes fight each other. It grabs your attention for real, but it's not comfortable or organized enough for me to really enjoy it. This is totally just my opinion, but if it's about blackletter, I'd really like to see a greater emphasis on the shape of blackletter (because decorative beauty, rather than readability is what makes blackletter unique). Make it bigger, or maybe fill in or outline in it a unique way. Don't take any of this personal, just trying to help (I know what that stuck feeling's like, for sure). Peace and love!

Audry said...

I bet I'm too late, but:
I love the 3-D ribbon thing and the illustrations are great too.
I agree the type could be slimmed down.
If you can take out some copy go for it, but the leading could be wider and the point size can go way down for sure. I'm thinking like 8 pt is fine. And screen it back to a gray.
Otherwise it's quite lovely!
Good work!