Monday, October 8, 2007

design camp?

Any fun design camp stories?
My friends and I watched David Bowie videos and laughed and laughed at China Girl (don't worry, I love david bowie none the less).

My favorite speaker was Carin Goldberg for sure. Although we got to meet Mr. Mann. He was very nice and he showed us a phone picture of his cat, Licks. Maybe we could make it into a lolcat. "My dad iz famus dezigner!"

Nice to meet you Micheal! Did you like the bookbinding workshop? I sure did.

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Michael said...

it was nice to meet you too, audry. the bookbinding class was fun-- a friend and i are actually taking a bookmaking class this semester, so we didn't learn much new stuff this past weekend, sadly. but it was nice, and a good way to get over a hangover.

i tried talking to joel templin over the course of the entire weekend. it ended up taking me four beers to have enough courage to talk to him (why are all the speakers surrounded by an entourage all weekend long?! it made it really hard to approach them). anyway, i got his card and we talked about me stopping by hatch when i'm in san francisco this january. should be exciting.

sorry i haven't been around much. lots of school. way too much work.