Tuesday, October 30, 2007

pity party

we've passed mid-term and it seems like things are starting to snowball. by the time this semester is over, i assume that my figurative snowball will be rather large. case & point:

• full-time school
• 25hr/week interning
• graphic design volunteering for a non-profit
• school projects

please comment and let me know that i'm not the only one drowning over here.


Audry said...

oh i'm drowning, drowning. already on "level 3 delrium" the kind where during the day you find normal things to be incredibly funny.

i had to skip halloween parties.
my fine art friend is suspicious of me not liking her anymore.

what really helps is working with design friends. two all nighters were spent with them and it made is SO much better. something about being in a dark room with only Bowie to keep you company just makes you want to cry.

hang in there buddy! keep fighting.

Audry said...

oh, and my acne is fantasic! it's like a eco system on my face!