Saturday, October 13, 2007

Awww yeah.

Hello fellow AIGA-MN student members,

For my first post on this blog of sorts I would like to direct everyone towards GOOGLE BOOKS. Awesome stuff––lots of free's kind of like a library...or the Internet, but in book form...on the Internet.

Also, I'd like to share the work of Ryan Waller, a designer whose work can be seen on the walls of art galleries just as easily as on a television as a PSA for the city of New York. Very nice, diverse work which can be perceived as art or design, depending on the context--though a High Modern approach/aesthetic, to say the least.

That's all for now!

Kevin Wade Shaw
MCAD (Minneapolis College of Art and Design)

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jenny. said...

google books--- thank you, university of michigan! representin' the mitten state.