Tuesday, July 31, 2007

grammatically correct...at last!

ever since apple came out with its current generation of the ipod shuffle, their marketing stratagem has been "wearable color." i think all the colors are great-- the orange is waaaaay better than the ipod mini's orange/brown/vomit color-- remember that? so for the past couple of months they've been using the line "put some color on." i think it's fun and funky and really appropriate for the audience they're trying to target.

i can't help buy cringe every time i hear it though. i know it's totally nerdy of me to be such a nit-picker, but come on apple! i learned back in middle school that you should never end a sentence with a preposition. finally! i found a grammatically-correct shuffle ad this morning and i just had to post it somewhere. i wonder what made them change.

reading it, it just doesn't have the same effect. grammar has made it tragically unhip.

tisk tisk, apple.

yay! grammar!


alison said...

haha! LOVE it! what nerds we can be. I ask myself, is this new grammatically correct version a mistake? Did some poor designer get mixed up? Or did they get complaints? Ha ha!

Audry said...

ha! I know how you feel. What really bugs me is mispronounciations. It's rOOt not rUUt! or crEEk not crIck! and the worst of all time: plAge. IT'S plAAAAAAAuge! URGH! Open your mouth people!