Sunday, June 24, 2007

I was invited to join and thought it might be interesting for me to contribute...especially since I just graduated from Bemidji State with a degree in Design Technology, specializing in graphic design and multimedia. Especially I am still unemployed.

It's not that I haven't been trying, but let me tell you, the Minneapolis job search for designers is COMPETITIVE. You see, I gave up on the job search momentarily as my great uncle may have had a job for me in Reno, being a marketing director. Unfortunatly, that job fell through as his board of directors decided they wanted a SENIOR marketing director, that which I am not. It would have been fun to work under the guy who held such accounts as Buick, the PGA tour and Tiger Woods (I didn't know this when he first contacted me). Everyone wants experience and I don't have the experience that they want. So it's been tough.

I thought I would pay my contributions as insight on the job market, any tips and tricks I might figure out while I work my way towards finding my experience.

Feel free to check out my webpage:

Note to Audry: Thanks for starting this blog, it's a great idea. I'll pass it on to the Bemidji students :)

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